Shanghai Taiji Culture: Master Shou Guan Shun Inducts New Disciples Print
Written by Rose   
Friday, 10 May 2019 18:16



Renowned Yang Taiji stylist, Sun Lu Tang Xingyi and Sun Style Taiji lineage holder, Master Shou Guan Shun inducted seventeen new disciples into his Wushu family fold this weekend in Shanghai.




This year’s ceremony, once again held at the Xiang Fu Teahouse in Shanghai’s Yu Gardens, was a gathering of Master Shou’s senior disciples and students, plus special guests and friends to witness the induction.




DDA’s Masters Rose Oliver, Wang Ming Bo, and Yu Huan Pei were among the special guests, alongside Master Qi Shi Jin, representatives from the Wushu Media Times, and others invited to witness the event; which also included demonstrations of Taiji, Xingyi, staff work, fajing and push hands by Master Shou’s disciples and students!




Congratulations to Master Shou on his students’ progress, they are a testament to his care and generous teaching, and a continuation of the legacy from his own teachers over the years.

DDA wishes all the new disciples every success in their Wushu journey!


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