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Written by Rose   
Sunday, 07 January 2018 20:25

After 12 years of continued cultural exchange events in Shanghai and abroad, Double Dragon Alliance held its “2017 Celebration of Culture & Community”, the seventh such event, and our third at Putuo District’s Cao Yang Community Centre.

This year’s event, hosted once more by DDA’s Rose Oliver, Wang Ming Bo and Yu Huan Pei, featured many old and dear DDA friends giving up their time once again to perform; including martial arts masters Liu Hong Cai, Shou Guan Shun, identical twins Shen Xing You and Shen Xing Zuo, Chen Wei Qing and his Anting Group, Zhang Quan Xing and members of the Chang Feng Fei Hong Taiji Group, Zhong Ming and her children’s troop, Mavers’ North West Boxing, Yan Cheng De and his disciple Wu Jie, plus Chinese wrestling coach Qi Shi Jing, plus American Chen Stylist Sifu Robert Johnson, among others.
Of course DDA’s disciples and students from our evening classes, and regulars from our Cao Yang Park group performed sections from our 81-step Yang Family Yue Style Taiji Quan; our children’s group performed their Tongbei Taizu Quan form, and the Cao Yang Park group demonstrated a short sample of the 5 Animal Frolics too.
This year we also featured a larger number of cultural performances, including modern and traditional showpieces, with our regular guest Peking Opera performer Ms. Cao Hui; Master Zhong Ming’s youth group with an interactive demo; Streetdance troop ‘King’s Crew’, featuring Alex Bomb and Tiger; singers and musicians from Rose’s students at the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology; plus a masterclass in Vinyasa Yoga with Mahi of Drishti Yoga Shala.
This year’s “Celebration of Culture” was a wonderful array of fantastic performances; and with a sumptuous banquet lunch to follow, where everyone got the chance to relax, make friends and share stories and experiences, cemented the importance of international culture, community and friendship!
Thanks to everyone for attending and giving us all another amazing show this year, and of course many thanks to all our DDA disciples, students, and friends for all their help and support yet again!


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